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Curved Guide - Starfire 3x5 - FID401
Curved Guide - Starfire 3x5 - One of the Northern Dreams series of original artwork by First Nations artist Gordon Fiddler, the 5? wide Guide depicts an Inukshuk and stylized eagle in flight under a night sky. The item is freestanding and backward curving starfire glass with chipped edges, the colors of the paint-filled eagle outline varying from piece to piece. It is accompanied by a romance card containing a short biography and the interpretation of the artwork as follows: ?In the traditions of many First Nations, the eagle is the Creator?s messenger, its spirit bringing instruction and guidance to the Creator?s people. In the lands of the eastern Arctic, Inukshuks ? stone figures symbolizing a pointing man ? were erected by the nomadic Inuit to indicate direction and provide guidance to those who followed. Two symbols ? one spiritual, one tangible ? each offering direction in life?s journey, each serving as a guide in its own way.? Also available in a 7? wide version.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 July, 2013.